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[Please feel free to contact Dr. Jay Kant Raut, the curator (Email: nfdcurator@myconast.net.np) of this database if any errors or inconsistencies are found ] This searchable database provides various information on fungal species recorded within the territory of Nepal

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Pharmacological potential of mushrooms

Mushrooms are relatively untapped for their pharmacological potential. Recently many novel bioactive compounds are being discovered from wild mushrooms in different geographical and climatic regions of the world. On the same time, mushroom biodiversity is depleting fast due to deforestation, urbanization and climate change. Therefore, there is an urgent need to collect and exploit this natural resource for human welfare and conserve it. Some species particularly the mycorrhizal mushrooms are facing extinction. Due to altitudinal variation (2,845 m to 8, 848 m asl) Sagarmatha National Park area is very important for wild mushroom diversity. Biological diversity implies chemical diversity. However, research attention has not yet focused on pharmacological potential of indigenous wild mushrooms in Nepal. In such context wild mushrooms of SNP are medicinally characterized and various therapeutic potentials are revealed here in this study which will be useful for national pharmaceutical industry.